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We are currently developing a program which will allow participants to become certified in the use of our software for brainwave entrainment. Our goal is that this program will be truly valuable for its participants, giving you all of the knowledge you need to master our software, and develop brainwave entrainment protocols based on the most current knowledge, and what is working in real clinical practice right now. We hope the program will help to further the reliance on sound science and best practices in the field, and that this certification will better enable you to attract clients and customers, and increase their confidence in your training and abilities.

Certification will involve attending at least one live, web-based workshop, viewing recordings of prerequisite workshops if applicable, and satisfactory completion of an examination on the course material. All live workshops will include ample time for Q&A with instructors during the sessions.

If you would like to be notified when our certification program is launched and full details are available, please join our mailing list here.