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Commercial Licensing
Commercial licensing allows companies, therapists, researchers and institutions to use our software and patented technology in their business.

If you are considering using Transparent software to create commercial CD products, to work with your clients, conduct corporate research, or for any other commercial purpose, this program is for you.

The brainwave entrainment technology used in Transparent products is protected under U.S. Patent 7,674,224. The output of our software is not only unique, but is renowned as the best in the industry. It is used in hospitals, therapists' offices, clinics and in tens of thousands of homes around the world.

There are two ways to obtain a commercial license from us:

1) Join the TCN Program. This program gives you all of our software for free and advanced support. Learn more

2) Purchase the Professional or Enterprise versions of Mind WorkStation (more details below).


What you can do with the commercial license
With Mind WorkStation Professional
  • Use the software for corporate/academic research & development


With Mind WorkStation Enterprise - Includes rights from MWS Professional, PLUS:
  • Use the software with your clients or customers in any setting


With the TCN Program - Includes rights from MWS Enterprise, PLUS:
  • Sell any of the audio generated by our software in any format you like- on a CD, in a digital file (mp3, wav, etc), or as part of any media project. No restrictions are placed on the number of sales you may make.
  • Use our royalty-free soundtracks in your products, commercial projects, or professional work with clients and customers


What is not included in our commercial license
  • Rights to use the output of our software in another software product (without written permission)
  • Rights to use the output of our software in web apps, mobile apps or streaming online services (without written permission)
  • The ability to sell the software itself (however, that option is available via our reseller program)
  • The right to sublicense or transfer your license to any third party