Member's Area
The Transparent Commercial Network (TCN) was a program that allowed companies, therapists, researchers to incorporate our technology into their work. Unfortunately, this program is no longer available.

Whatever your business, the TCN program is for you!


Do you want to sell CDs, MP3s or other brainwave stimulation content to your customers?


Are you a therapist whose clients could benefit from added relaxation, focus, creativity or the many other benefits of brainwave stimulation?


Are you a scientist hoping to research brainwave stimulation or biofeedback?

  TCN Program Benefits

Commercial Licensing

The brainwave entrainment technology used in Transparent products is protected under U.S. Patent 7,674,224. The output of our software is not only unique, but is renowned as the best in the industry. It is used in hospitals, therapists' offices, clinics and in tens of thousands of homes around the world.

As a member, your company will have commercial rights to use our products for your ventures, whether you are a therapist, entrepreneur or researcher.

Advanced / Priority Support

Members enjoy the benefits of advanced support. We will be here to help you integrate this technology into your business successfully.

Free Products: You Save Money!

Membership in the TCN program includes free licenses for the top editions of all Transparent software and audio products. If you were to purchase all of these products individually, it would cost you more than the total for the TCN program, so not only does the TCN program grant you commercial rights, it also saves you money.