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The Neuro-Programmer and Mind WorkStation products use biofeedback devices to optimize the process of neural stimulation using brainwave entrainment.

The ways our software utilize biofeedback are outlined briefly below:



BioOptimization uses biofeedback devices to increase the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment. It does this by analyzing biofeedback data while you are using a brainwave entrainment session, and then optimizing the session based on your physiological response.

Currently, the BioOptimization process supports three biofeedback devices:

  • The LightStone Device (comes with Wild Divine)
  • The IOM Device (comes with Healing Rhythms)
  • ThoughtStream Device
BioOptimization is currently available in Neuro-Programmer 3. Learn more...


Biofeedback + Neural Stimulation

Biofeedback devices often use simple feedback mechanisms. For example, a GSR device might emit a tone that will become lower in pitch the further you relax. Another example would be a device that uses a series of LED lights; on device shows the light going slowly from red to green to indicate that the user is relaxing correctly.

Our software allows you to take this a step further. Not only can you display more complex and interactive feedback to the user, but you can use brainwave entrainment at the same time. An example would be a binaural beat that lowers its carrier tone in response to biofeedback data. Another example would be a biofeedback game that changes the visuals and/or audio in response to the biofeedback data.

This dual approach is extremely effective. It creates a more dynamic and enjoyable experience, and can speed up the biofeedback process significantly.

Biofeedback + Neural Stimulation is currently available in the Mind WorkStation. Learn more...


EEG-Driven Stimulation (EDS

Since brainwave entrainment affects EEG patterns, it follows that there might be some way to optimize the stimulation based on existing EEG data. Research has revealed a number of EEG variables that can help predict what stimulation will be effective for a particular person.

Based on this concept, we've created software and protocols that make EEG-Driven Stimulation (EDS) possible. Our software first scans the brainwave data it receives for specific signals, and then uses those cues to output stimulation that will be best for that particular individual. All of this usually takes place in a matter of seconds, or less.

The below graphic outlines the basic EDS process:

EDS is an exciting new field and there are many possible avenues to explore. We've created a flexible tool that can adapt to the shifting needs of any researcher or therapist. Scientists from around the world are currently using this software to explore EEG-driven therapies.

EEG-Driven Stimulation is currently available in the Mind WorkStation product. Use it in combination with EEG software such as BioEra, BioGraph or BioExplorer. Learn more...




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