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Take your audio experience to a new level, purchase Thought Sounds 4: Mood Elevation today!

Thought Sounds, Volume 4: Mood Elevation

Royalty Free license for both personal and commercial use. Includes over 140 soundtracks (70 main soundtracks, 70 variations - over 14 hours of music) and free software.

Price: $89.95

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What is included?
70 uplifting soundtracks
  • Cinematic orchestral tracks
  • Energetic electronic
  • Ambient soundscapes with a feeling of rising
  • Soaring string, horn and vocal pieces
  • Tracks at slow, moderate and fast tempos
  • Wide variety of instrumentation: piano, guitar, chimes, bells, organ, vocals, synth and much more

Variations for every soundtrack

Variations are based on the main 70 soundtracks, but use different arrangements, instruments and techniques. This gives you flexibility and many more options. For example, you could have a single soundtrack as a main theme for your production, and use the variations to set a different mood.

Total: 140 soundtracks - Over 14 hours of music!

Free copy of Perfect Loop software

Perfect Loop is a simple, easy to use application designed to work with Thought Sounds soundtracks. Its main function is to allow you to expand a soundtrack to any length you require. It also allows you to add fades, volume and other effects to the soundtrack.

NOTE: Perfect Loop is for Windows only. However, any audio program should be able to loop our tracks. You can use any audio editing program of your choice. If your audio program can crossfade the loops, that will work exactly as Perfect Loop does.

Collection Features:

  • Designed to act as effective carriers for brainwave entrainment
  • 100% Royalty Free! - Use Thought Sounds with your clients or in your commercial projects
  • Tested to loop seamlessly with the default settings of our software
  • All soundtracks are in production quality (320 kbps) mp3 format
  • Affordable, even for personal users.



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