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Thought Sounds 4: Mood Elevation is a large volume of royalty-free soundtracks from an experienced composer of film scores, adept in using music theory to harness the emotional power of sound.

This collection features over 14 hours of music, with careful attention to detail shining through in each minute of sound. These soundtracks stretch beautifully across genres and styles, yet are united by the goal of making a positive impact on your mood using melodic movement and a sense of rising.

But the full power of these soundtracks is in their unique design for use with brainwave entrainment. For example, they feature minimal breaks in the sound that provide a consistent carrier on which entrainment can be delivered to the brain. No other audio collection brings together neurological and psychological audio therapy like Thought Sounds, and the result is pure bliss.


Each sample will play for approximately 25 seconds and will automatically fade into the next sample. There are 12 samples total, representing only a small portion of the entire collection.

Having trouble playing? Download the mp3 here!


What is included?
70 uplifting soundtracks
  • Cinematic orchestral tracks
  • Energetic electronic
  • Ambient soundscapes with a feeling of rising
  • Soaring string, horn and vocal pieces
  • Tracks at slow, moderate and fast tempos
  • Wide variety of instrumentation: piano, guitar, chimes, bells, organ, vocals, synth and much more

Variations for every soundtrack

Variations are based on the main 70 soundtracks, but use different arrangements, instruments and techniques. This gives you flexibility and many more options. For example, you could have a single soundtrack as a main theme for your production, and use the variations to set a different mood.

Total: 140 soundtracks - Over 14 hours of music!

Free copy of Perfect Loop software

Perfect Loop is a simple, easy to use application designed to work with Thought Sounds soundtracks. Its main function is to allow you to expand a soundtrack to any length you require. It also allows you to add fades, volume and other effects to the soundtrack.

NOTE: Perfect Loop is for Windows only. However, any audio program should be able to loop our tracks. You can use any audio editing program of your choice. If your audio program can crossfade the loops, that will work exactly as Perfect Loop does.

Collection Features:

  • Designed to act as effective carriers for brainwave entrainment
  • 100% Royalty Free! - Use Thought Sounds with your clients or in your commercial projects
  • Tested to loop seamlessly with the default settings of our software
  • All soundtracks are in production quality (320 kbps) mp3 format
  • Affordable, even for personal users.



The fact that music can powerfully alter one’s mood is well understood. Interestingly, recent research suggests that music can best impact happiness when the listener is focused on the music with the intention of improving their mood. 1

The concept of Thought Sounds takes this a step further. Not only do you get lengthily soundtracks composed specifically for mood elevation, but the audio is designed to be used with brainwave entrainment to change your neural activity in beneficial ways.

Research is indicating that persistent negativity and overly emotional mental states are linked to certain neural markers in the brain. For example, differences in specific neural areas between hemispheres.2 3 4 Studies into addressing these issues using neural stimulation are promising.

One study on Seasonal Affective Disorder was conducted by Kathy Berg and David Siever. In this study, 84% of the subjects became clinically non-depressed after using brainwave entrainment. 100% of subjects experienced a significant reduction in depression. Results also showed decreases in anxiety, while energy and motivation levels increased.5

Another study was conducted by David Cantor, Ph.D. in 2009. After 4 weeks of audio-visual entrainment therapy, the 16 participants saw a significant reduction in depression. This was measured by the Beck Depression Inventory–II, a widely used test. Furthermore, the participants QEEG scores demonstrated significant EEG change scores over time, in cortical regions associated with mood regulation.6

Our software, including Neuro-Programmer and Mind WorkStation, features brainwave stimulation based on this research and more. Combining these brainwave entrainment protocols with the mood lifting music of Thought Sounds 4 gives you an ideal opportunity to put this research into action in your own life.


Ideal for Brainwave Entrainment

Thought Sounds tracks are created with our brainwave entrainment software in mind.

  • Flowing and continuous with few breaks in the sound. This provides a consistent carrier for entrainment to be delivered to the brain.
  • Each piece contains few or no percussive elements. This gives you an optimal audio surface on which to add entrainment tones or modulation.
  • Designed to work effectively with higher intensity entrainment settings, yet remain subtle and enjoyable.
  • Variety that lets you match the session's intention with the soundscape of your choice. This provides an extra psychological component to your neurological goals.
  • Includes enough soundtracks that you could give yourself a new audio experience each time you use our software. This helps to keep your brainwave sessions feeling fresh and impactful.


Thought Sounds 4 is also suited for:

  • Meditation practice with the goal of mood elevation
  • Hypnosis/self-hypnosis work with mood improvement
  • Broadcast media (documentary, films, television, radio)
  • Business (presentations, demos, marketing)
  • High quality background sound (for retail, office environments, etc)
  • Personal projects or musical enjoyment


Thought Sounds 4: Mood Elevation

Royalty Free license for both personal and commercial use. Includes 140 soundtracks (70 main soundtracks, 70 variations - over 14 hours of music) and free software.

Price: $89.95

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