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Thought Sounds Technical Information
This package offers more soundtracks, at a higher quality than any other product available today.

Soundtrack Format

Each soundtrack is in high quality, 320 kbps, stereo MP3 format

Each soundtrack is, by default, approximately 6 minutes long. However, each one is designed to seamlessly loop using the features of our software. For those who do not already own our software, a free copy of Perfect Loop 1.0 is included, which allows you to expand a soundtrack to any length you require, and apply other effects. The files can also be used in any audio editing software available on a number of platforms.

Beats Per Minute

All soundtracks are at a relaxing 40 bpm - a perfect tempo for relaxation, meditation, trance, etc.

Construction - Ideal for BWE

The Thought Sounds collection was designed with brainwave entrainment in mind.

  • Thought Sounds was constructed to be flowing and continuous with very few breaks in the sound - providing a consistent carrier on which brainwave entrainment can be delivered to the brain.
  • Each piece contains few or no percussive elements, giving you an ideal audio surface on which to add entrainment tones or modulation.
  • Designed to work effectively with higher intensity entrainment settings, while remaining subtle and enjoyable from a musical perspective.
  • Includes such a variety of soundtracks that you can easily find music that syncs perfectly with the intentions and purpose of a given session, providing an enhanced psychological component to your aid you in achieving your neurological goals.
  • The music is not distracting. It fades into the background, while adding a professional quality and appeal to any session that you, your clients, or your customers, will notice immediately.


The production value for every single Thought Sounds composition is extraordinarily high. Recorded and mastered using modern audio equipment, you will be amazed at the clarity of the sound and the effects incorporated. To preserve the original recording's quality, each soundtrack comes in stereo 320 kbps MP3.

If you’ve shopped around for royalty free music in the past, you’ve probably noticed that production standards in the field are often poor, and the music carries the audio baggage of less advanced recording technology from years ago, or even decades. Similarly, most soundtracks on the market today are simply not interesting music, and lack real innovation and creativity. Many are reminiscent of what you would hear in elevators, or when your phone call is put on hold.

What you’ll hear in this collection is world’s away from that. Each soundtrack is a unique and expertly crafted audio experience.

Software Ready

Tested to loop seamlessly with the default settings of our software.

If you already own our software, you will be ready to start using these soundtracks the moment they arrive. If you haven't yet purchased our software, a free copy of Perfect Loop 1.0 (for Windows) is included, which incorporates some of the features of our main programs. As mentioned above, this software allows you to easily expand a soundtrack to any length you require. No audio editing knowledge is required to do this.

NOTE: Perfect Loop is for Windows only. However, any audio program should be able to loop our tracks. So, you can use the audio program of your choice. If your audio program can crossfade the loops, that will work exactly as Perfect Loop does.