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License Information

Basically, you can do whatever you want with Thought Sounds as long as you do not sell or redistribute any soundtrack by itself (unchanged).


What you CAN do with Thought Sounds
Use the soundtracks in your own personal sessions.

Use the soundtracks in commercial productions for the mass market (CDs, etc), with the one requirement that the soundtracks be used in conjunction with other audio and/or effects, such as synchronized with a hypnosis script or with added entrainment tones or modulations.

Use the soundtracks in presentations, conferences or seminars.

Use the soundtracks in therapy, group sessions.

Use the soundtracks for live performances, radio or broadcast media.

Use the soundtracks as a background in business establishments (yoga/meditation classes, massage parlors, etc).

What you can NOT do with Thought Sounds
You can NOT sell any soundtrack, or any portion of a soundtrack, by itself.

You can NOT redistribute any soundtrack, for free or otherwise.

You can NOT sublicense or transfer your license to any third party.

You can NOT include the soundtracks as part of a software package, web app or streaming service without written permission from Transparent Corporation.