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What's New in Version 3

We are proud to introduce the long-awaited third version of Neuro-Programmer. Over the last five years we have been meticulously collecting input from our customers on how to increase usability and enhance the user experience. Meanwhile we have also been investing heavily in research to improve the neural stimulation and overall effectiveness of our program.

This release adds an array of new and exciting features, making Neuro-Programmer more powerful, usable and more effective than ever before. The world's best personal development tool just got a whole lot better!


New Features


BioOptimization uses biofeedback devices to increase the effectiveness of sessions. It does this by analyzing biofeedback data while you are using a session, and then optimizing the session based on your physiological response.

Currently, NP3 supports these biofeedback devices:

New Layout

A slick new layout makes using Neuro-Programmer easier than ever before.

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Reverberation / Echo Effects

Sound effects such as reverb and echo can now be applied to recordings and hypnosis script tracks.

Pitch / Tempo Change Effects

You can easily apply pitch and/or tempo effects to any sound. For example, this means you could easily alter the sound of your own voice.

Volume Normalization

NP3 automatically adjusts the volume of recordings and hypnosis scripts to a set level, eliminating the problems many users had with widely varying volume levels.

New Neural Stimulation Methods

NP3 adds new neural stimulation features, further increasing the effectiveness of the sessions and adding new possibilities for session creation.

Visual Plugins & Enhanced Screen Flashing

Beautiful visual plugins are now fully supported, adding an extra visual dimension to any session.

The screen flashing features and full-screen display capabilities have also been significantly improved.

ALL Sessions Editable

All sessions can now be edited in the Ultimate version of NP3. At the click of a button you can view the protocol of any session and customize it to your preference.

Export to MP3 or OGG

Session and scripts can now be exported to MP3 or OGG, as well as the WAV format supported in previous versions. This makes it even easier to transfer NP sessions to your mp3 player or smart phone.

Version 3 Improvements

Improved Sessions / New Sessions

All sessions have been improved based on the latest research in brainwave science. Additionally, new sessions have been added based on recent advances in the industry.

Updated Audio Framework

The updated audio framework of NP3 improves the quality of the sound and the overall program performance.

Playlist For Audio Recordings

Audio recordings are now added using a convenient and familiar playlist system. Your recordings are stored in a "My Recordings" directory where they can be easily added to a playlist to play along with a session. This makes adding affirmations, verbal guidance or hypnosis scripts to your session easier than ever before.

Improved Hypnosis Scripting

Creating hypnosis scripts is a snap in the new layout. You can use the "Auto-Dual Induction" feature and let NP3 handle everything for you, or you use the Timeline Mode feature, which gives you the power to make recordings play anywhere in the session you want them to play.

Microphone Recording Advancements

Microphone recording has been significantly improved. It is much faster now, and noise reduction features have been significantly improved. Mute and pause buttons have also been added, giving you the ability to relax and take a breath in the middle of a long recording session.

AudioStrobe Configuration Tool

NP3 includes an improved audiostrobe configuration tool that makes it much easier to configure your mind machine or avs device for use with a computer. For many computers this will make significantly enhance the accuracy and overall experience of using audiostrobe LED glasses.

A Powerful New Session Editor

The Ultimate version of NP3 includes the new session editor - a vast improvement over the old system. The new layout is much easier to use, and offers a rich variety of new features to choose from.