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Neuro-Programmer Video Tutorials

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Getting Started Tutorials

Playing & Exporting Sessions

This tutorial will teach you how to work with the session list, how to choose a session and open it. It will also teach you how to export a session to MP3.

Session Options

Learn how to customize a session. This tutorial will show you how to modify the pitch (or carrier) at the click of a button, change the background sound, set a session to loop and how to enable screen visuals.

Working With Recordings

Learn how to record from a microphone, how to use that recording in a session and how to add effects to it such as reverberation and pitch changes.

Using Timeline Mode (Creating Scripts)

Expanding on the previous tutorial, this will teach you how to create more elaborate hypnosis scripts using the Timeline Mode feature.

Creating A Simple Session

This tutorial introduces you to session editing in Neuro-Programmer 3. You will learn how to add isochronic tones, AudioStrobe and background sounds to a session. You will also learn how to modify the volume and preview at any point in the session editor.