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"Regular readers know that I consider the software made by Transparent Corp the world’s best mindware. Mindware is a word I first used back in 1988 when I launched the famous Mindware Catalog featuring self improvement and mental development programs for the first time.

In the many years since I launched that catalog, I have had a chance to evaluate thousands of mindware software programs and online applications. I have never found programs better than those made by Transparent Corp."

- Bruce Ehrlich, Psychologist, Author, President of Mind Media, Inc.


"I love this program. I have not been so excited about something in a long time. I love the flexibility of the software compared to other brain entrainment machines."

- Greg Nolan, Colorado Mental Health Institute


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Medical Doctor uses Neuro-Programmer to help with her own surgery:

"I have used NP for a couple of months now and after experiencing the positive effects of the relaxation and insomnia modules began to target my sessions.

First, I used a combination of alpha and theta programs (beginner and advanced) over a two week period, using two different auto-suggestion recordings to stop biting my nails...a nasty old habit which I had been unable to avert for over twenty years! Towards the end of this experiment, I had a very interesting experience. I had been using my primary (auditory) modality; but decided to give the "car-ride" (kinetic theta) session a try. Mid-session, I found myself at six or seven years old riding in the back of my mother's car again. I cannot begin to describe the verity of the experience from the smells, the tactile sensations, the sounds, to, most startlingly, the familiar but forgotten feelings of that little girl. I was literally able to "speak" to her in my adult (recorded) voice. When I "woke" from that session I knew I did not need to do more. I seem to have simply stopped the habit where it began and have not bitten my nails since.

Having conquered that, I recently decided to use NP to prepare myself for my own surgery. I had to have a hysterectomy and, being young, vain and all-too-familiar with all the possible complications of an abdominal operation was quite apprehensive. I have always operated according to my own belief that my patient's are subconsciously "awake" even under anesthesia and thought I might use that principle to my own advantage.

I again used a combination of alpha and theta programs with pre-recorded suggestions to relax all my muscles during the operation, to heal rapidly and with minimal scarring, etc, etc. I even included a couple of trigger words "fine" and "relax" which I then asked my anesthesia provider to say to me a few times during the operation.

When I came to in recovery, my anesthetist said that I didn't turn a hair during surgery and that she used a minimum of anesthetic and narcotic agents. I woke without pain or nausea. When my gynecologist came round later he admitted that, although he had been afraid of limiting his exposure with his initial (very small) incision he found to his relief that my uterus, in his words, "floated right up" into the incision; and, although I am petite and do a lot of ab. work, my muscles stretched easily to allow its removal.

I am now 4 days post-op and using the healing/hgh program. I expect similarly spectacular results.

Finally, as you might imagine, I am keen on the idea of recording and copying preoperative CD sessions for any of my own patients receptive to the idea. "

- Hope Hammett, M.D. (DocHope in the forums)


"Dear All

Thank you very much for your excellent service. I received the Synergizer and CD's yesterday and have completed my purchase of your Neuro-Programmer Professional program.

I am very impressed with the software - it is much more comprehensive and inventive than I imagined. I have used mind-machines before but I was not expecting such good results using just a PC and headphones. The synergizer obviously makes a difference but I have to say that it is the program that wins the plaudits.

I wish you every success with your products and your business and hope that my next visit to your "store" will just as rewarding as the last one.

Best wishes"

David Mayhead, London UK


"I have been experimenting and learning the many different techniques arising in our modern age. From photoreading to image streaming, from binaural beats to field-of-awareness enhancement. I say this to claim that I'm pretty much as thoroughly versed in these technologies as any client can be. I even work for a parallel company, very closely related to Transparent Corp.

I've barely even used this program yet I am inclined to admit that the NP is at the TOP of its field. This is not just a hunch. There are no other leaders in this industry other than this program, as far as I'm concerned."

- Amir Bozorgzadeh, Volition Thought House (, (BlackBox in the forums)


Using Neuro-Programmer to help cope with a new job, train in Martial Arts and become a more creative writer:


I've been using NP after trialing NP1 for a short while since May this year for a number of reasons IQ increase, Athletic performance, Creativity and Depression. I have to state that it has been the single most powerful tool I have used and have experienced incredible success at work, my social life and sporting life. I continue to use it all the time.

In no particular order:

-->I made a big move to leave a past employer (I work in IT as a Function/Systems Tester) to my "new" job as a Function/Systems Test Team Leader. The new job and promotion has happened in the last 3 to 4 months. The people and the environment are terrific. I used IQ Increase and Depression to overcome the almost debilitating feeling I felt when I was in my old job. Sessions used were the quick sessions (and multiple sessions) daily even while working away during the day.

-->At the same time the above was happening, I was also using the quick sessions in Athletic Performance to help me develop strategy and tactics to compete in and survive in the Australian Capital Territory NAS Championships, Canberra. These championships are a multi martial art event. I competed in 5 divisions: Veterans Forms - won, Veterans Fighting - won, Open Black Belt Forms - won, Open Black Belt fighting - 3rd and Continuous fighting - won. With the Athletic Session, I used deep visualization to try and get into the feeling of actually being in the arena and seeing myself hearing the crowd screaming, seeing my opponent, feeling the stress, seeing myself being quicker than everyone else (not easy to do when your 38 and the other guns are 20 - 25!) and importantly winning. With good quality training and diet plus NP , the results for me were nothing short of amazing.

-->I have never written anything in my life creatively that is, and under the guidance of a writer friend (published) here in Canberra she has been instrumental in encouraging me in exploring my poetry side. Using the Creativity sessions, I can pump out a poem or 2 once per week and have been doing this for the last 3 months. As soon as I write one I send it via email to a few friends for feedback. Just a couple of weeks ago I received an email from her "Peter, you crack me up. You produce more literature than other people who actually call themselves writers". So that was an incredible compliment coming from her.

So to sum up, this year has been absolutely amazing for me and NP has been the direct result of that, along with a little hard work, perseverance and belief in yourself.

I will continue to use it and experiment with it. It is a wonderful product."

- Peter Sbirakos, Australia (Peter in the forums)


Improved Chess Game using Neuro-Programmer :

"Hello, I promised to keep you updated and this is some news. Great news actually, from my point of view ! I started in mid november 2006 to use daily sessions as described in my earlier post."

" I decided to monitor my rating on the internet and not the official one, because the internet rating changes almost daily and it can be a better evaluation instrument. The beginning was terrible. I always felt tired and my playing strength seemed lost.. But I went on, and suddenly, around half december my rating jumped up ! It seemed I could play games in which I would hardly recognize myself. During Christmas and vacations I had to travel and had no time to play and train. In January I started again. And again the first period was bad. Always tired and always losing. But this time after one week I saw another increase in my average rating, to a level I never reached in my life. And then again another step up in the beginning of March ! See the attachment: blue line for fast games, red line for slow games."

"I'm playing better than ever !"


- Paolo Corrado (Spennacchiotto in the forums)


Review from a Hypnotherapist:

"The sessions I tried out were considerably better than the ones I created myself on the system I built, (which I have mentioned in the past messages). Your use of the screen flashing was considerably more effective than I would have suspected (I tried it with screen flashing a couple of times even though you recommended it not be used with the insomnia preset, just to judge the effect).  I somewhat regret building the headset I did with LED's to accomplish essentially the same thing, as it now seems an unnecessary complication to my design in the device I constructed. To be truthful, I have learned a considerable amount from the experience of using your software."

"The insomnia session has proved to be quite helpful to me.  Better than Ambien, in that it is drug free and has allowed me to relax, making sleep more easily acquired."

"My wife also used one of the sessions, (the immune system enhancement session) a few times and she responded to it very effectively."

- Mark Jones, Certified Hypnotherapist, Grand Rapids, Michigan


"Great program though...Lately I've been using it to stimulate Hgh and also to wake up on those nights where I don't get enough sleep. Student of NLP, so it impressed me that you included that in there and I've got a buddy that is a certified hypnotherapist so I can't wait to try out the hypnosis side of the program. Very well built I've seen in my 6-7 years of playing around with brainwave stimulation and mind work. Top notch!"

- Sergeant Stephen Gilson, currently deployed in Iraq


Neuro-Programmer used to help with Relaxation and Sleep issues:

"Just wanted to let you know my wife and I have been using a custom session that does what you suggested. That is about 90 mins looping from theta to delta to mimic natural sleep. Working much better than the straight endless theta. I have more tweaking to do, but we are making progress. Her apnea is nearly gone as long as we listen to a session. One night I messed up and the session ended at 1 AM and her apnea woke me up so I got up and reset things. Back to sleep with no snoring. She also uses NP to work on her highish BP. No luck yet but we are continuing to alter her session surroundings and she thinks she is getting more relaxed. If you remember ( which I don't expect you to) she is somewhat less than willing to try this stuff. But I can say that she is a believer now. Her only comments are about the time involved. Hard for a busy person to dedicate the amount of time required.

I have FMS and use the FMS session routinely with moderate yet sporadic results. After reading a post about the stress reduction session I gave it a try. I can tell you I feel like a new person the days I use it. Even with the lingering pain, my mood is much better. My wife comments daily. She says it has been such a long time since she has seen me like this. Both my children (16 and 21) can't believe the effect it has. Whenever I am outwardly happy and joking with them they say " Pop must have used that disc this morning!"

Here is a bit from my wife...
My snoring had increased over the last few years so that I knew at first it was keeping Darren awake, but didn't know it was affecting me as well. Then I began not being able to go to sleep, because it escalated into the apnea-jolting-awake repeating for hours. It was very draining to get little sleep night after night. We actually tried using NeuroProgrammer playing aloud in our bedroom for Darren's sake with regard to his FMS...not expecting it would have much affect on me. To our great surprise, I went right to sleep - and stayed asleep through the night. Not only did I not jolt awake repeatedly, but I didn't keep Darren awake with my snoring either! We don't have exactly the right session programmed yet, so we don't think we're getting quite as deep asleep as we should - and still the snoring has stopped. Only occasionally when I'm having some bad allergies do I snore just a little (and it only bothers Darren - not me). We've had a couple of nights that for one reason or another we didn't turn on the CD - and I paid dearly for it - right back to not being able to get to sleep - it's been really amazing."

- Darren Pree, Washington, (dpbilbo on the forums)


"Dear NP 2 Team,

Thank you for developing a very good brain programming software. I have been meditating for several years. Recently I decided to supplement my practice using brain wave entrainment CDs based on binaural beats.I have seriously tried three of the leading companies marketing these CDs. Obviously, there has been some benefit.

But with the NP programme the benefits are very pronounced. This is a validation of your documentation that isochronic and monoaural sounds are more effective than binaural beats for brain wave entrainment. I was particularly interested in the Gamma wave entrainment and have found your Gamma session excellent. In fact, all your sessions are extremely good. And what is equally important, the programme is eminently affordable and builds user trust. The trust factor is important because quoting HGH, DHEA and other factors, there are companies marketing CDs which are exhorbitantly priced. The mind honestly cannot find a correlation between the price and the product and a sense of distrust creeps in. You have done very well to give users the all-round benefit of a very scientifically developed programme.

And considering the price and the sustained and lasting benefits to the user, may I say that this is an excellent form of charity/service to the modern day man beset with myriad problems.


Biswajit Mukerjee, India


Neuro-Programmer helping to kick the smoking habit:

"I've been using the NeuroProgrammer to improve my eating habits and to help me quit smoking. I've been focusing on the smoking part but I've noticed that my eating habits have improved as well. Maybe they were both part of the same unconscious "program"?? Anyway, it works! Yesterday I went out driving with my friends (all smokers) and they kept bumming cigs off me. At the end of the drive I realized I had completely forgotten to smoke one for myself! The only reason I noticed was because one of my friends asked me why I wasn't smoking. The truth is that even as I remembered that I hadn't had a cig in a while I didn't feel that I even needed one. In fact the idea of smoking kind of disgusted me where it never had before. It was a weird feeling indeed.

I have since recommended this application to my friends."

- Mike Yu, Washington D.C.


Neuro-Programmer used to help with adult ADD, in conjunction with an EEG:

"I wanted to tell you I'm thrilled with the IQ session. I've only used it 3 days, but had positive effects immediately.

I have ADD, and EEGs in biofeedback show I have a great preponderance of theta waves in my waking state instead of beta. From looking at your messages on the web site, maybe it's the theta 1 waves I'm inundated with.

I could be having such a strong effect from the IQ sessions because the beta range on the CD is so much higher than my normal slow theta range. I'm mostly noticing more energy, some increased concentration, and general mood brightening from the IQ sessions, the effects of which last all day. I'll be interesting in seeing the effects of 2 full weeks of daily usage."

And later from a follow-up:

"My therapist hooked me up to the EEG while I listened to Concentration. She was impressed and said it did what it claims.

I'm going to concentrate on the beta sessions for now and hope I can keep the insomnia at bay. The therapist said my SMR percentage is okay and that increased SMR does not help some people with insomnia. She said to use IQ daily and Study Helper as you advise for concentration. I'll go for a followup in a couple of weeks."

And another after that:

"I am really loving Depression Reduction! I've only used it three times, but my mood is brighter. Now, angry thoughts still come up, but they seem to slide off, as though they can't gain traction

I had an interesting biofeedback session. I had the therapist hook me up while listening to the NP ADD: Learning/Complex Tasks/Frustration Reduction session. Delta went down immediately, and Beta rose.

The therapist and I think Transparent's BWE is so cool. I'm getting the best of both worlds with biofeedback training in the clinic and the Transparent at home.

Thanks for all your help. I'm still Delta dominant, but it has gotten much better. My synapses are starting to fire!"

- Linda C., Texas (Linda C in the forums)


Neuro-Programmer helping with headaches and stress relief:


I am using the headache session at least once a week. I'm having headaches quite frequently, and when it is possible to do the 20 min headache session, I need about another 30 minutes after that and my headache is gone, totally. Oddly, I feel as if I had taken some strong painkillers, a bit light, a bit drowsy and a bit exhausted. But I am soooo glad that the headache session works so well, as I hate it having to take heavy painkillers.

Also I am using the stress dissociative session a lot. Although I don't think I am stressed, I have tried it one afternoon (nothing better to do :-) and I felt like a new person afterwards. Well, I must be stressed unconsciously, eh! Now I am using it whenever I have a bit of time in the afternoon.

Have tried the long HGH session before sleep. The session is fantasic, I feel great after it, but fully awake. I think it would be wonderful to have this session without ramping up, and just go to sleep (the sleep sessions didn't work so well for me so far). Have been trying to come up with a session myself but didn't work as well as the HGH. I'll keep trying.

what a fantastic product, I am every day surprised how well it works, although I only have been using it for a short while - and know that there is soooo much more to learn and try. what a journey! Thanks to Transparentcorp for coming up with this, it certainly has a huge impact on my life!"

- Heide Hoffmann, Paremata/Wellington, New Zealand (Heide in the forums)


"Being airline crew...flying timezone's, long travels etc, etc, Mindspa and Neuroprogrammer have been very useful tools me.
Thank you once again and all the best."

- Raman B., Airline Cabin Crew, Netherlands


Neuro-Programmer used to help with Anxiety and family issues:

"I've been using NP for about 10 months.  When I first began, I was clinically depressed and suffered from chronic anxiety.  I've been on disability for both conditions.  I couldn't function.  You wouldn't believe the changes!  It doesn't seem possible.  I have taken my anti-anxiety meds about 5 times in the past 7 months and I never even think about them anymore.  My doctor is so pleased with my progress, too.  I'm working on coming off of disability soon and starting my own home business for medical billing/medical transcription.  I am attending college for Business Management and working towards a current certificate for medical billing and I maintain an A average in each.  I am a single mom and my son is an extremely happy, well-adjusted little boy.  I couldn't do it without NP.  I, truthfully, couldn't get out of bed enough to care for him without NP.  Now, I'm able to play with him, succeed in potty training him and teach him his alphabet, numbers, and so many other things that couldn't possibly be listed in one e-mail.  My family doesn't even recognize me lately.  I've been able to maintain positive family relations; a skill I hadn't mastered until the last 2 years or so.  It's been a process, but I can honestly credit NP for the success in my relationships, as well.  I am so thankful that you have marketed this product the way you have.  There have been so many positive changes in my life, and the bulk of it has been NP as an essential aide in easing my depression and anxiety.  I am not held prisoner of my mind anymore.  I now enjoy life even more than most people I know.  Thank you, again."

- Christine R., Rhode Island


Neuro-Programmer used to help improve productivity on the job:

"I have tried your NEURO-PROGRAMMER and it was a fantastic tool that improved the productivity and enhanced the quality of my job. I'm a technical translator and I perform several tasks at the same time. For the moment I'm working in a french to portuguese translation of a hard 600 pages book (Political Institutions and Constitutional Right), and as proofreader in a weekly site and a monthly review (both paper and eletrocnical editions). Eventually I also have to do some translations of technological manuals, which have very specific subjects, from many other languages, including french to english for example. NeuroProgrammer aided me to be focused and concentrate in such matters that requires highly intellectual effort and both physical prep. It enabled me to double productivity easly, with no claims (error free!) and whit a better general health state, sleeping deeply and well, etc. For the moment I have no means to buy it, but I hope to do this soon. Thanks a lot."
- Silvio Antunha, Brazil


"In the short period I've been using the IQ-Intelligence Session, I've already found evidence of its effect on my brain. I find it easier to focus and recall information quicker. [My work] has improved over the last few weeks and I've found witty remarks easier to come by. That alone has been worth it."

- Bernice Feldman, Montreal, Canada


Using the program to help learn a new language:

"After two nights of listening to suggestions in the 40 minute theta underwater program, I find myself driving around town (there are several korean businesses in my area here in southern california) and actually READING the korean signs. (I don't actually know what the heck they say because the koren alphabet is phonetic) but this is MUCH better than I did a couple of years ago when I tried studying korean script the old fasthioned force-myself-thru-willpower way.

So, anyways, this is only after TWO DAYS of listening and studying the language with the help of NP. Lord knows how much success I'll have when I actually get to go out and practice everyday!!!"

- George Hutton, Anaheim, CA / Miryang, South Korea, (gwhutton in the forums)


Achieving deeper states for hypnosis:

"As someone who did Meditation over years and played with mindmachines and is used to positive thinking and auto-suggestions I was surprised, how good the first tests worked. I wrote about it in a hypnosis-forum and one of the moderators tried it. He said he did not go into trance so quick for a long time.
So it seems you did a good job.
I will explore all the things and information and I will see...

So good luck for you"

- Christian Zipp, Thailand


"Hello! I enquired recently about trying to get to sleep, as I am generally anxious about whether or not I will sleep, when I have an early start for work etc. I tried out the regular sessions (as advised), and also the anti-anxiety session. For the last three nights I have slept through, till the alarm went off, only becoming semi conscious once or twice during the night. This is absolutely amazing for me, as it is a long time since I have slept through the night, with work the next day. I would often wake up during the night and stay awake for hours, unable to switch my mind off. I am delighted with this progress, and am optimistic that a bad night's sleep will become the exception, rather than the rule! Thanks!"

- M Mathis, Dublin, Ireland


Using Neuro-Programmer for meditation and mental imagery:

"I literally just listened to the Ambient sounds beginner THETA session today for the first time. I thought it was absolutely worth the 35 bucks in and of itself. I've been hypnotized several times before by Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, and I meditate regularly. The THETA session took me deeper into trance than I've ever been before, and I definitely had some euphoric feelings and mind blowing hallucinations. I would say that the hallucinations weren't of the scary kind either, very positive images. I feel refreshed as well, and I can say that NP definitely has a great product."

- Dave, College Student (daveybear in the forums)


"Just a quick word from a customer, your products totally ROCK!

I am an ex-professional musician, I played keyboards with Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame, so things that delight my ears are especially appreciated.

I am so happy with my neuro programmer, I use it all the time, I have gotten quite "facile" at knowing what frequencies do what. In my household we don't use a lot of medications etc. so I even have my fourteen-year-old daughter listening to the "headache" beats for example. And I use the deep Delta and others for meditation. I have had a lot of success combining them with nature sounds. If you lay it in at the right level it creates a wonderfully relaxing swirling effect. I also use the mind stereo a LOT with especially my favorite chill out ambient stations. Now, you must realize I am a bit jaded as a customer having had lots of "dud" products that I have wasted my money on, so this rave review from me is both unusual, and very well deserved by you and your team.

So thanks tons from Dev in Las Vegas"

- Devra Robitaille, Las Vegas


"I am always amazed at how fast this software works. As soon as I put on my headphones I feel my brain start to change. I can say without a doubt in my mind that this software does exactly what it claims to do."

- Raj Kumar, India


"I have been using the advanced theta session with a script of suggestions. The results are like nothing I have felt before. It works for me. I don't need any "will power" to do what I *know* I should. My child and my adult are finally in agreement. I just act out this script as if it has been my natural state all along. I am very pleased Adam! Thank you!

I got up this morning energized like I haven't been in a *long* while, knocking out several tasks that I have been putting off for weeks just because I had the time and energy."

- James Warren, California (James the frosty in the forums)


"With rain-chimes I used a suggestion that I have great ideas and speak up in meetings. After using it for a couple weeks I now have trouble keeping my mouth shut! Its not just that I speak more; I feel my brain has restructured itself to fit the new situation. I can get more ideas flowing and care less about what other people will think when I do speak. Everyone has noticed the change even people I never meet with."

- Amy M. Wendt, Bedford, MA


"I am writing in reference to your program.  I have used the settings that work on the immune system as I have been with health problems for a few years now.  I am looking for an alternative to using drugs and your program seems to be relaxing and working well.  I am currently on arthritis medication, HRT and aspirins.  I take eight to twelve of them day, besides using herbs. Since using your program I have been able to reduce my intake of them and this is valuable to me in terms of convenience, with less load on my system.

I am also very much overweight and am trying to diet and exercise to combat my obesity.  Additional sessions to address these would also be of immense value to me.   I have used your program for two weeks now and I find it more convenient than my husband having to rearrange his schedule to help me.  I find the relaxation I experience during the program very beneficial and I am impressed with the change to my state of mind.  I work in a very stressful environment and sometimes it is very hard not to bring some of what I encountered during the day home with me.  I intend to use other areas of your program to help with those also."

- Lois Jones, Grand Rapids, Michigan


"Tthe documentation works great and i must say, that there's a lot of great and highly relevant information in it. Great work. The NeuroProgrammer is a great addition to my collection meditative cd's and books. The program is easy to use and the sessions are of very high quality."

- Christian Rygaard, Denmark


"I can feel my brain changing as I listen to the sounds. I was skeptical but this is pretty intense."

- Patrick Delaney, Ireland


"It was a very intense experience. I felt some euphoria afterwards actually."

- Jason Pfeifer, Columbus, OH, USA


From the beta testing forums:
" I posted an answer to this email on the board today, thought maybe it might be best. In case you missed it I haven't actually tried most of the features. I do intend to try the import and export features this weekend. I have tried 3 of the regular background sessions, but the alpha session with the train background is the one I use regularly, the other 2 (theta) put me to sleep everytime I tried them. It may be that they are too long, I'm not sure. Even without the features of the new version, I  am convinced it will benefit anyone who consistantly uses it"

Months later, in a follow up, when asked what he thinks of the program after long-term use:
"I use it almost daily. Some days I use it several times, like now while responding to my email, and doing other things on the computer, I am listening to the "special" "increase creativity" program. In the afternoon I might try a theta progam, and then late tonight I might listen to an alpha program. So,as you can see I still think that it's a great piece of software."

- Roger Swope, Missouri


"By the way, I am older student in second semester of medical school and i use your program everyday as a study aid. Great tool! Thanks."

Deborah Gabriel, Medical Student, Florida


After giving this user suggestions on a protocol to help him improve his sexual performance, he responded two weeks later with this:
" ... after the suggestions you gave me I tried the
[mental] techniques and visualizations. I also repeated "I last forever" while in the middle of intercourse to add a realtime anchor to the suggestions and techniques I did beforehand using your program. ..."

"... With everything combined I started to notice a huge difference in stamina almost immediately. I seem to have full control over it now. It's amazing. truly amazing."

- Mark Bergman


"Thank you for making this program and thanks for the further reading in the documentation. We've become very interested in the topic of mind programming and yesterday I ordered a couple books on the subject. Your application is just what me and my husband have been looking for."

- Melissa Dougan, Lancaster, Wisconsin


From a phone conversation with a user:
" I've been using the study helper while reading computer manuals. Not only do I not get pissed off and frustrated, I also retain and understand a lot more. I'm very happy with it and make sure I have it on when reading or testing."

- Tom Howard, New Albany, OH, USA


"I am really awake after using the Wake Up Session! I had my doubts but that is wild!"

- Yash Patel, Columbus, OH, USA


"I've used other brain entrainment systems for a couple years in the hopes of doing what you've promised in programming my mind to become a better person and thinker and to eliminate some problem areas. I just wanted to comment on NeuroProgrammer, this program has taken me far deeper into trance than any other system so far. I found myself literally 'nodding off' even at the 'alpha' entrainment levels!

I'm going to make Neuro-Programmer my primary tool for growth as I've already had a major success with it and no other audio program has come close! I'm so glad I had the good fortune to find your program."

- Steven Graziano, San Jose, CA (Draconis in the forums)


"Ok i've had a chance to play with NP pro and so far i must say it is truly great. I find the session editor very powerful. I am able to create my own session of sound that i've been wanting to create for a long time now. I used to own the novapro mindmachine a few years ago and was not able to get the modulation controls i was looking for back then (even with their control software package), and now i am able to with yours. The sound effect i wanted to create is for some reason not available on the market of mind therapy today including cd's(and i searched hard). I found this particular sound effect by accident one day when there happened to be 2 electric fan motor's running at the same time in the bathroom. I had noticed that one of the fans was constantly providing the normal hum (of 60hz probably) and the other fan's hum was slightly modulating. The effect of these 2 combination was extremely soothing to me. SInce that day i always looked for this type of sound effect. Finally i was able to achieve this effect with your software- thankyou. Being a musician myself, my ears are very sound precise."

- Victor Racanelli, Quebec