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Sleep Aid
For many people, deep, healthy, effortless sleep can be elusive and rare.

Neuro-Programmer includes many sessions which will help guide your brain down to a deep sleep. Many users find themselves nodding off even during light relaxation sessions. And, one of the best features of NP3 is that it does not require headphones! It doesn't even require special speaker assignments.

NP3 also features another completely unique approach to poor sleep. T he work of Dr. Hauri and others suggests that there is no "panacea" for poor sleep; a single protocol does not work for everyone. Chronic insomniacs may respond better to a specific form of brainwave training. One study successfully treated 16 long time psychophysiological insomniacs, randomly assigning each of them to either SMR training or theta training. It was found that the tense, anxious insomniacs responded well to theta training. Those who were not tense but still found it difficult to sleep, responded better to SMR training.

NP3 includes both SMR and theta sessions, in addition to delta sleep induction sessions which our customers have found more useful for general sleep induction.

Whether you have persistent sleep problems or you simply have too much on your mind, NP3 can help guide your mind to a deep, restorative sleep.



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