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Headache / Migraine Relief
Some forms of migraines and headaches can be dramatically reduced using brainwave stimulation:
  • D.J. Anderson found that brainwave stimulation can stop headaches and reduce the number of migraines per week.
  • Fifteen patients, 10 female and five male, aged 21 to 41 years were treated to 5 minute sessions of slow wave photic stimulation. 14 of 15 patients in this group reported complete relief of their headache. [see Glen D Solomon]
  • In another study, brainwave stimulation was used to treat seven sufferers of migraine headaches, who could not find relief from drug treatments. Out of 50 migraines studied, 49 were rated by subjects as being “helped” and 36 were stopped.

Note that for certain types of headaches no entrainment-based remedy can be found or expected. A session will do very little for "sinus" headaches or headaches resulting from trauma to the skull.


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