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The Neuro-Programmer 3 takes a unique approach to promoting inspiration, brainstorming and reducing creative "block."

Research suggests that the neural activity of creative individuals is more unpredictable than that of uncreative people (Cramond, 1994). Creative people are better able to join seemingly random ideas together to form new, completely original concepts. However, after long periods of time working on creative projects many artists and writers can feel "out of ideas" or under-stimulated. What is needed is a new stimulus - a way to form new neural connections, change perspectives and stimulate the "unpredictability" of neural activity inherent in the great creative thinks of our day. In other words, people with creative blocks are often simply in need of a fresh experience to jolt them out of their "boxed" thinking.

NP3 includes sessions designed to increase "out of the box" thinking by delivering random, unpredictable neural stimulation. Using the creativity sessions in NP3 you may think of memories you haven't thought of in years, discover completely new ways to look at a situation.

Hundreds of artists and writers use NP3 on a daily basis. Nearly all of them report more elaborate and creative ideas while using it. Using NP3, inspiration comes as naturally as breathing.

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