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Mind WorkStation Video Tutorials

    - 1024 x 768 resolution or higher required

    - Wear headphones while watching these tutorials for best results.

    - Flash required. Click here to get it.


Getting Started Tutorials

Playing & Exporting Sessions This tutorial will teach you how to open a session, play it and export it to MP3. It will also teach you how to initiate a session countdown, as well as preview the session at any point on the timeline.

Creating A Simple Session

This tutorial takes you through the steps of creating a simple theta session, including adding isochronic tones, a background sound file and AudioStrobe.

Headphones may be required in this tutorial to hear the isochronic tones, especially when playing from a laptop.

Using Sound Files & Playlists This tutorial teaches you how to add a sound file and loop it throughout the session. It also shows you how to add a playlist and work with the playlist editor.
Working With Volume & Effects

This tutorial shows you how to edit the volume of a track, and how to easily add and edit other sound effects, such as pan and reverberation.

Headphones are required in this tutorial to hear the pan effects.

* Thanks to Peter Senior for the music used in this tutorial