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Mind Stereo is a complete media player with unique and innovative features designed to stimulate the brain while you listen.

The Player

Simple Controls On the surface, Mind Stereo looks and acts like any normal media player. It has the standard playback controls, a playlist, equalizer, a volume control and every other feature you would expect. To anyone who has used a computer for media playback in the past, Mind Stereo should be instantly intuitive and familiar.


Formats Supported

Mind Stereo supports playing of nearly all popular Windows media formats. While playing any of these formats, brainwave entrainment can be turned on or off. If it is on, Mind Stereo will subtly alter the audio on the fly, in order to encourage specific states of mind.

Mind Stereo plays:

Nearly all Digital Media formats - MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, MP1, MP2. MP4/M4A is also supported via a plugin available in the download area.

Compact Discs (CD) - Play and "brain-enhance" regular Audio CDs. Simply insert a CD into your computer and you are ready to go!

Internet Streaming, Net Radio - Shoutcast, Icecast, Podcasts, PLS, M3U, RSS, ASX, WAX and more. AAC is also supported through a plugin in the download area.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) - Mind Stereo is able to play DRM protected music files, or copy protected files ripped from CDs.

Neuro-Programmer sound files - The NPSND format of Neuro-Programmer



Mind Stereo implements a fully featured playlist system. Items in the playlist will be embedded with entrainment based on an ongoing brainwave entrainment session. For example, if you have a CD with 40 minutes worth of songs, you could use a 40 minute session to transform your mental state. All songs in the playlist will be used as the carrier for the entrainment, playing one after another.

Features of the Mind Stereo playlist:

  • Song, Session and Affirmation Playlists - 3 playlist tabs are included, for Song files, Session files and Affirmations. Each of them have similar features.
  • Playlist column sorting
  • Repeat, Repeat All, Shuffle options
  • Read and Write ID3/Meta Tags such as Title, Artist, Album and Genre.
  • Drag and Drop sound files from your desktop or explorer


Equalizer / Effects

Mind Stereo includes a standard equalizer with crossfade and other effects available. A unique aspect of the equalizer in Mind Stereo is that it takes entrainment into account, and optimizes the effects so that they will enhance the entrainment, as opposed to interfering with it.

Equalizer - A full 8 band equalizer allows you to amplify and adjust the BASS and TREBLE of your music with ease.

Crossfade - By default, each entry on your playlist will fade into the next a few seconds before the end, smoothing the transition and allowing for a continuous musical experience.

Effects - Echo and Reverberation effects can be applied to both Songs and/or Affirmations. Effects are applied BEFORE any entrainment filters, so they will not interfere or cause the "doubling" effects you may find in other applications.


Flexible User Interface

The Mind Stereo interface is meant to emulate the stylish designs of popular media players. As such, it is very flexible. It can be large enough to take up the entire screen, or compact enough to be out of the way. It is easy to customize the experience to your own preference and layout.

Mini Modes - A number of "Mini" modes are available in Mind Stereo, allowing you to operate Mind Stereo in from a compact module. Mind Stereo can be operated from a small window, the system tray or an embedded toolbar on your taskbar (picture below).

Sticky Windows - Mind Stereo windows will stick to each other, allowing you to easily adjust their placement and create a permanent layout according to your preference.

Window Transparency (Opacity) - Optionally Mind Stereo can become Transparent when you move your mouse out of the program area. This is particularly useful when in Mini Mode, allowing you to position the program anywhere on the screen without it obscuring useful information underneath.

See the Screenshots page for examples.


Brainwave Entrainment (BWE)

BWE Sessions

A session defines the frequency of brainwave stimulation across a timeline. The target brainwave is represented vertically while the time is represented horizontally. By defining various points across the timeline you can specify which brainwaves will be stimulated at specific times throughout the session.

Sessions Included:

A number of sessions are included in Mind Stereo, ranging from low delta to gamma, with specific protocols for special purposes (studying, meditation, use with visual plugins, etc).

Here is a list of the sessions that ship with Mind Stereo

Hundreds more are available in the user-supported Library.


Control Over Entrainment

Commonly called the "Entrainment Equalizer," Mind Stereo incorporates a screen that allows you to easily and conveniently control all variables of entrainment. The best part is that you can control these variables on the fly, adjusting them and hearing the changes instantaneously, while playing! For example, you could increase the intensity of the pulse, change the pitch of the carrier, or increase the brightness of the visual flashes.


AudioStrobe Compatible

Mind Stereo can be used with any AudioStrobe-compatible device, such as a mind machine.

Listen to your favorite playlist while precisely timed photic stimulation takes you to a new level of musical enjoyment.


Headphones NOT Required

Because many of our entrainment methods do not rely on speaker assignments, you can use Mind Stereo without headphones and retain the full effect. In fact, many of the sessions are built for headphone-free use, and will be marked with a speaker icon. This can be particularly useful for Sleep sessions and, the latest phenomenon in brainwave therapy, "group entrainment."


Brain-Enhanced Internet Radio

Thousands of Stations!

Mind Stereo supports all of the popular net radio formats, which gives you access to a virtually unlimited amount of free, constantly changing music and nature sounds.

Every day in this industry we hear of users who become bored listening to the same background over and over. Studies on stimulus response have shown that once a stimulus is familiar its impact on the brain is far less. This may explain why binaural beat CDs seem to lose their effect over time. Therefore, a constantly changing and unique background can be a huge bonus to any entrainment session.

Hundreds of stations feature music or sounds that are suitable for entrainment and hypnosis work. There are ambient music stations, stations that play nature sounds, stations meant for sleep, yoga, meditation and more. There are even stations focusing on hypnosis scripts and self-improvement. Imagine being able to access all of these valuable resources, and at the same time benefit from a brainwave entrainment session of your choice! You could increase your receptivity to the hypnosis, or increase the depth of your relaxation in meditation. For stations focusing on exercise like yoga, you could use Mind Stereo to help induce a state of focus or "zone."

To give an example of the amount of variety out there, here are some popular net radio community sites:

Mind Stereo also comes with a number of radio playlists, filled with stations we've found useful for entrainment, including ambient, classical, world music and more.


Brain-Enhanced Visual Plugins

Mind Stereo supports a common visual plugin format, so that you can benefit from the hundreds of stunning visualizations already created and available through community sites, such as

Screen Flashing Integration - When a Session is loaded, Mind Stereo will integrate subtle photic (light) entrainment into the display. You can control both the frequency and waveform of this stimulation. The brightness, color and other variables can be controlled in real-time, while playing. By default, entrainment in visual plugins is precisely synchronized with the audio, but can also be desynchronized for special effects.

Click here for more information on the science behind photic stimulation.

Use with eyes OPEN - While most forms of photic (light) stimulation require that your eyes be closed, the visual stimulation used in Mind Stereo is meant to be easy on the eyes. The combination of fantastic 3D visualizations and a soft visual entrainment stimulus is very powerful. Sit and watch for 10 minutes and you will see. We recommend letting your eyes close naturally if you begin to doze off - the audio part of the experience will continue to maintain the entrainment.

Click here for full screenshots of visualizations in action.