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Mind Stereo is a fully functional media center for your mind, allowing you to listen to musical playlists, internet radio and watch mesmerizing visualizations while enjoying the many benefits of brainwave stimulation.

Mind Stereo acts much like any ordinary media player. It has a playlist and an equalizer. It supports reverb, echo and other effects. It is compact, stylish in design, supports nearly all digital media formats, CDs, DRM protected audio and Net Radio such as Shoutcast. It even supports visual plugins. But there is one thing that separates Mind Stereo from other players - while the music or the visualizations are playing, Mind Stereo is subtly modifying the audio and visual patterns to affect the neural activity of your brain. This is a process known as brainwave entrainment (pronounced: "ehn - TRAIN - mint"), and it can be used to create mental states ranging from relaxation and meditation to concentration, creativity or energy. Learn more about the science that makes this possible...

Mind Stereo embeds entrainment into audio and visuals in a number of ways:

- Sound modulation, effects and filters (more info)
- Binaural beats & and other tone-based entrainment (more info)
- Flash integration into visual plugins (more info)
- AudioStrobe (for use with compatible LED glasses)
(more info)

Net Radio - Many people may not realize it, but there are literally thousands of internet radio stations available today, and dozens of new stations are added every day. Net radio provides nonstop music of infinite variety, including music that is ideal for brainwave entrainment. The ability to use radio as a carrier for entrainment makes a lot of sense - a common complaint of regular entrainment users is that sessions get boring after a while, or they lose their "punch" after a few months of use. Integrating a constantly unique experience into your session will undoubtedly help solve this problem and provide for a richer, more effective experience every time. Never have the same mental journey twice!

Brainwave-Enhanced Visual Plugins - Every media player has visual plugins and there are hundreds online to choose from and download. These plugins are typically very creative and colorful - even hypnotic. In other words, they are perfect for brainwave entrainment! The great thing about Mind Stereo is that in addition to rendering these plugins, it adds a flash effect that contributes to the entrainment present in the audio. Sit and watch any visualization for 10 minutes - you will be amazed by the effects this combination can produce.

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Playlists - A useful feature of Mind Stereo is the ability to add an unlimited number of sound files to a playlist which will be applied as a continuous background to an ongoing brainwave entrainment session. So, for example, a 40 minute CD of 10 musical pieces could be used with a single 40 minute session. The files in the playlist will automatically play one after another while the session's frequencies continue their course.


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Use Mind Stereo passively, in the background
Mind Stereo can easily be used in the background, playing the music you would normally listen to while you work, study, brainstorm, exercise or relax.

Features such as Mini Mode, Tray Mode, or TaskBar Mode allow you to use control miniature versions of MS in screen locations that are out of the way.

Mind Stereo in TaskBar Mode

Even used passively, Mind Stereo has a profound effect. You could use it to enhance your focus, creativity or to keep you calm and relaxed in a frustrating work environment. You could use it while you workout, helping to enhance the "zone." All of this can be done, while listening to a playlist of your favorite music, right from your computer.

Use it more often

It is easy to use Mind Stereo on a regular basis. You don't even need to make time for it. Do you listen to music while you work, study, or perform other activities? If so, why not enhance that music so that the audio stimulates your brain in a way that's conducive to your activities and goals.

Academic Benefits

Because Mind Stereo can easily be used in the background as you work, it is perfect for students and academics. Use the program to play music that you find non-distracting, and let the technology bring you into a state of higher focus, reduced frustration and improved memory recall.

Use during Exercise, Massage, Martial Arts or Yoga

Not surprisingly, using entrainment during physical activities such as yoga or martial arts is a very popular and rapidly spreading method. Professional athletic coaches were one of the first professional groups to realize the power of entrainment and apply it to their field. If you can listen to music through your computer speakers while you exercise, you can use Mind Stereo to help you focus, or enter the "zone," and to relax and recover afterwards.


Use Mind Stereo as your primary brain stimulation device
In addition to supporting unlimited musical playlists and brain-enhanced visual plugins, Mind Stereo also supports nearly all forms of audio/visual stimulation, including such popular methods as binaural beats, isochronic tones and AudioStrobe LED glasses. Mind Stereo can generate white noise, isochronic tones, monaural beats and more.

All of this can be precisely controlled using the Session Editor and equalizer functions. You can create your own completely unique sessions, use the sessions included, or import hundreds of sessions created by other users. You control the carrier, the background, the frequencies, and everything else.

Relaxation / Meditation

If you are interested in deeper meditation, Mind Stereo is an incredible tool to have at your disposal. In the same way the neural patterns can be used effectively for concentration or energy, they can also be used for relaxation and for achieving deeper states of mind. The ability to easily adjust any parameters of the entrainment means you can create a unique experience, customized specifically to your preference. Everyone is different. For example you may find celtic or world music relaxing, while finding nature sounds irritating. Or, you may find regular music distracting and prefer ambience or environmental soundscapes. Whatever your preference, Mind Stereo allows you to experiment with the settings and create a unique experience tailored specifically to your mind. A number of meditation sessions are included - alpha, theta, delta, schumann resonance, and more. Net Radio presets of all types are also included (ambient, classical, nature, world music, and so on). Additionally, using the visual plugins is an amazingly powerful way to wind down quickly, and begin your meditation session in a trance-like, peaceful state.


Mind Stereo for Brain Training
People working with specific brainwave protocols or neurofeedback will find Mind Stereo to be a priceless tool. After a brainmap is done, this program can be used to help promote necessary neural rhythms.

Mind Stereo is ideal for home use and gives clients the option to stimulate neural rhythms using their favorite music, in either CD or digital form. Or, if they have a particular genre they prefer, MS can tune into any online radio station - jazz, rock, country, pop and more. This can be particularly useful for clinicians or professionals working with children, who are often resistant to sitting down, focusing on feedback or listening to boring repetitive sounds.