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This item is no longer sold by Transparent. For information on our current software solutions for EEG devices, click here.


The Pendant, from Pocket-Neurobics, is the most portable and inexpensive EEG unit on the market today.

Supporting two channels from five standard electrodes, the Pendant transmits EEG data wirelessly to the computer, where it can be analyzed, recorded or used as feedback in EEG analysis software such as BioExplorer (which we recommend) or open source programs like BioEra.

With its use of wireless technology the Pendant is also one of the safest EEG units available. Because it does not have to be plugged into a direct line, there is no risk of a surge that could harm the user.

The unit itself is very easy to use and configure. It is so light and portable that you can literally wear it around your neck. For beginners there is always a learning curve with EEG units, but the Pendant is one of the easiest units to understand. Nevertheless, it has the power and flexibility of higher priced hardware.

For a closer look at the Pendant view these instruction videos from the manufacturer.


  • Two channel wireless EEG device
  • Compatible with PC software like BioExplorer and BioEra
  • Easy to learn and operate (Instruction Videos)
  • User-selectable bandwidth settings
  • User-selectable Sampling Rates
  • 1.5 mm two channel bipolar montage connector
  • PC Pod portability
  • USB wireless receiver
  • USB 9V battery charger
  • 9V rechargeable battery
  • 5 electrode interface (two active, two reference, and one ground)

What is included:

  • Pendant® unit
  • Neckstrap
  • USB battery charger
  • 9V rechargeable battery
  • USB wireless dongle
  • Pocket Neurobics® CD
  • Note: Pods require a PC application to run the acquired data.

Order your Pendant today!

Pendant EEG

Includes the Pendant EEG hardware, neckstrap and all the other accessories above.

Does NOT include software or electrodes. You can purchase electrodes from us here or check out our electrode recommendations. Software is required to use the Pendant, but there are free programs available such as BioEra.

Price: $595 Product no longer available

Pendant EEG Bundle

Everything you need to get started with the Pendant and the powerful BioExplorer software is included in this package. Includes:

Price: $1,160 Product no longer available

* Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery. More info


  • 1.5 mm touchproof Electrodes - pure silver recommended (included in bundle, see above)
  • PC Software (included in bundle, see above)

Instruction Videos - broadband connection required!
  • Install Kit - Describes contents of Pocket & Pendant kits and how the parts connect.
  • Install Dongle & BioExplorer - Describes install of Windows driver for wireless dongle and install of BioExplorer and its initial configuration.
  • Pendant Operation - Describes basic operation of the Pendant - selecting wireless channels, changing profiles.


Pictures of the Pendant in use: