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Brain Sounds are audio sessions that are scientifically engineered to have a wide variety of beneficial effects on your mind, and state of mind.

The Technology

Brain sounds stimulate your mind using the principle of "brainwave entrainment." If that term is new to you, you're not alone! Here's a brief description of the concept: brain wave activity is representative of your mental state, and it is possible to stimulate the activity of brain waves by utilizing rhythmic pulses of sound that match the frequency of the brain waves you hope to increase. For example, brain waves at the 8-12hz range are associated with a relaxed state of mind, so stimulation using that frequency can help you to actually feel more relaxed.

The details are a bit more technical than that, so you may want to read through the following pages to get a better understanding of this technology:

- What are Brainwaves?
- What is Brainwave Entrainment?
- A History of Brainwave Entrainment Research

The Research

The discovery of brainwave entrainment dates back to 1934, and though it has come slowly at times, research has continued ever since to better understand this technology and its benefits. This page dedicated to research and suggested reading lists some of the landmark studies, articles and books published in the field.

Google Scholar is another excellent free resource for locating credible, peer-reviewed articles on this topic. Try running a search on "brainwave entrainment" or "audio visual stimulation" for a look into the newest research being done.

Here's one conclusion to a published and peer-reviewed study on brain sounds/brainwave entrainment:

- "Findings to date suggest that BWE [brainwave entrainment] is an effective therapeutic tool. People suffering from cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headache/migraines, PMS, and behavioral problems benefited from BWE." Huang, T., Charyton, C., 2008. Alternative Therapies. Volume 14.1

The Benefits

These are just a few of the benefits of brain sounds that have been identified by researchers, therapists and mind explorers all over the world:

Cognition / Attention / Focus: A growing body of research is showing that brain wave stimulation can be an effective tool to promote attention and focus. Learn more...

Study help: Brain sounds can help to optimize the brain for studying by reducing frustration and increasing cognitive functioning. Learn more...

Stress Reduction: Nearly all users of this technology report large reductions in stress and anxiety. Learn more...

Deep Meditation: Meditation has been proven to be immensely healthy and is widely accepted by the medical and psychological communities as one of the best ways to increase your health and general well being. Brain sounds are like a "high tech" form of meditation, where audio and visual patterns make it easier to guide your mind to the relaxed, focused state experienced during meditation.

Motivation / Energy: Many users report experiencing boosts in energy as a result of neural stimulation. Learn more...

Emotional Stability / Mood Support: Decades of EEG and neurofeedback research have revealed specific brainwave patterns characteristic of negative moods and overly emotional mental states. Brainwave entrainment sessions can be utilized to stimulate wave patterns that counter these states, and recent research is showing it to be a very promising aide in this area. Learn more...

You can also read reports from thousands of neural stimulation fans who are members and participants on our Forum - the largest online community dedicated to this technology.

Try it yourself!

For anyone who is new to this technology, you're encouraged to explore the research and information available here and elsewhere, and then try Neuro-Programmer 3. It's an excellent starting point, as you'll find it has a very intuitive start-up wizard that will guide you through a brief survey, and then provide a selection of brain sound sessions to meet your interests and goals for mental improvement.