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Beyond Being is an exciting audio collection based on extensive EEG research on the mental activity of experienced meditators from many different practices.

About Beyond Being

This collection includes three high-quality MP3 tracks, each one hour long, designed to stimulate the same brainwave patterns seen in expert mediation practitioners, assisting you in achieving the many benefits of meditation.

Beyond Being achieves this by using specially engineered sound patterns to affect your neural rhythms. This process is also known as “brainwave entrainment” (pronounced: "ehn - TRAIN - mint"). To learn more about the science of brainwave entrainment, click here.

For example, “theta brainwaves” are one type of mental activity stimulated by the Beyond Being audio. Studies have found that during meditation, feelings of peace or blissfulness combined with a slowing of the mind’s internal dialogue are correlated with theta brainwave activity.1 And a rigorous overview of the research conducted by Cahn (2006) found 29 individual studies showing a correlation between increased theta activity and active practice of various meditative traditions. While their brainwaves were displaying this activity, these long-term meditators reported experiences such as deepened sense of calmness, increased sense of comfort, heightened awareness and a shift in the relationship to thoughts, feelings, and experience of self.2

Research has also shown that there are real benefits for one’s health and mental well being that can come from meditation- such as lowered blood pressure and reduced stress.3 4 5 The neural stimulation in Beyond Being is designed to help you to enjoy all these benefits of meditation practice by giving you a research-based audio tool to easily calm your mind and drive your brain to a meditative state.


Headphones can be used if you wish, but are not required. No special headphones or speaker arrangements are required to use Beyond Being.

Beyond Being comes in three high-quality MP3 tracks, each one hour long. After purchase, you will be emailed download instructions. All you need is a regular media player.



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