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REQUIREMENTS: LED glasses require an AudioStrobe decoder, such as those available here. They will not work by themselves.

COMPATIBILITY: These glasses are positive center. They are compatible with A/V Stim, MindExplorer and Synetic systems such as the Proteus. They are not compatible with Photosonix or Mind Gear devices.

Multi-Purpose, White, 12 LED Glasses

Fantastic new glasses capable of both eye-open and eye-closed stimulation. One of the most innovative features of these glasses is the number of LEDs and where they are placed. 12 white LEDs are strategically placed around the eyes and at specific angles, so that as much of the eyes are illuminated as possible. These glasses provide maximum stimulus to the entire retina, and ensure equal brightness no matter where the eyes "wander" during a session. A lot of research went into these new glasses, and the enhanced effectiveness is apparent when using them.

Openings in the glasses allow use while working, reading or studying. When you want to relax or use an eyes-closed session, a cover can be placed over the glasses that blocks outside light.

Also comes with a convenient retractable cord to help avoid entanglements.

Blue, Multi-Purpose, 12 LED Glasses

A new variation on the amazing 12 LED glasses outlined above. These glasses use 12 blue LEDs, adding an incredibly relaxing, meditative experience to your sessions. They are specifically designed for meditation, sleep, stress relief or relaxation of any kind.

Because they are Multi-Purpose, these glasses can also be used with eyes open, making them ideal for reducing stress and frustration while working, reading or studying.