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Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Transparent Corporation strives to lead and innovate in the field of mind technology. Since our founding in 2003, we have been committed to the development of tools for positive mental change. Our products are used daily in research labs, therapists offices, and tens of thousands of homes in over 100 countries.

Transparent software has been instrumental in peer-reviewed clinical studies, and we hold a patent on a unique method for embedding brainwave stimulation into audio. We’ve collaborated with major neurotechnology companies, creating software/hardware combinations to change what is possible in the field, and make this technology more accessible and versatile.

Our core team may be small, but our level of dedication is huge. As a collective, we’re active users of mind technology- obsessed with brain improvement and the pushing the limits of human and cognitive potential. Learn more about our staff

We also consult with a highly accomplished advisory board, leaning on their combined decades of expertise to evaluate articles and published studies, continually improve our software, and ensure that it meets the needs of working researchers, therapists, and clinicians. Learn more about our advisory board


What do we create?

Most of our products begin with a simple proposition- you can change the electrical activity of your brain, and by doing so you can change your mental state to achieve a wide variety of benefits and goals.

Over 80 years of research have shown that it’s possible to influence brain waves using non-invasive, external stimulation such as sound and light. This is known as brainwave entrainment, and we believe that we offer the most powerful and versatile tools created to date to make full use of this technology. We’ve worked closely with leading audio-visual stimulation experts to make sure that our software is informed by all known scientific findings in the field, and can be as effective as possible for achieving your goals. While working with Transparent, Dr. Tina Huang completed the most complete overview yet on the benefits of brainwave stimulation, A Comprehensive Review of The Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment.

However, the scope of what we create isn’t limited to brainwave entrainment. Our products have functions as well in the fields of biofeedback, neurofeedback, hypnosis and more- we wear a lot of hats because we recognize that it can take many tools and approaches to address the complex goal of creating real mental and personal change.


Why do we do what we do?

It’s our goal to create innovative solutions that allow people to easily benefit from brainwave stimulation to achieve everyday goals like feeling more relaxed or being better able to concentrate, or big goals like making real personal and cognitive changes towards a better life.

We want to help people reach their full potential and overcome barriers in many forms, and think we should only profit from work that provides a genuine benefit.

In developing and marketing tools to this end, we put research and science first in a field where both have sometimes been pushed aside. And it’s important to us that these tools are offered at a low cost- we want to see this technology become even more accessible, not limited to those who can afford it.


Partnership Opportunities

We welcome partnerships and collaborations of all scales and styles. Our existing network of partners includes bloggers, media outlets, corporations, educational programs, medical institutions, professional speakers and more in a variety of industries.

We have partnership programs in place that let you easily and quickly become professionally engaged with Transparent technology. Our affiliate program lets you earn a share of sales by simply linking back to us. Our reseller program enables you to sell our products directly to your own customers. And the TCN Program for commercial licensing, allows you to sell the cutting-edge neural stimulation our products generate, use our software in academic/corporate research, or use our tools with clients in any setting.

Have a goal or partnership idea not covered by one of those programs? Contact us and let us know- we’ll be happy to discuss it and see we can accomplish together.


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