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Help with Mild Depression/SAD

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Posted 02 May 2008 - 06:17 AM


OK, this turned out to be a really long post - my apologies.

This gist of it is that I want good recommendations on raising my serotonin levels to overcome mild depression/SAD.

I've used NP2 for about a year and have tried different things with varying degrees of success (including the Depression Reduction Session), but nothing has made me feel as good as anti-depressants did when I was on them about 2 years ago.

The rest of the post is there for anyone who cares to read the full story :)

I'm hoping to get some recommendations for increasing my serotonin levels to overcome lingering mild depression & SAD.

Here's a bit of background:

- I'm a 31 year-old male.

- About 5 years ago i started experiencing anxiety & panic attacks, which i tolerated for a few years but about 3 years later they developed to a point of severity that I realised I had to do something.

- In late 2005 i was prescribed with anti-depressants (50mg of Zoloft), and continued taking these for the prescribed period of 6 months. I found the medication very effective in overcoming the anxiety/panic condition, and in increasing my mood and wellbeing generally. I slept better, was able to work out and enjoyed the best physical fitness of my life, and even found I could smoke cigarettes without any ill-effects (previously I had suffered athsma and other respiratory conditions from smoking).

- I stopped taking the anti-depressants in mid-2006 as I felt I was cured of the acute condition I had suffered, but still saw opportunities to improve my health and wellbeing.

- I discovered Holosync in late 2006 and ordered the free trial CD, which I used to great effect and enjoyed deep states of meditation which seemed to improve my moods greatly, however I was turned off by the pricing.

- Over the 6-9 months after coming off anti-depressants, my mental & physical health gradually declined back to worse than it had been beforehand. I was drinking and smoking heavily but also exercising heavily and engaging in detox diets in an effort to fix myself, but was actually doing more harm. My athsma also returned suddenly and severely at the end of 2006, after chain-smoking & drinking my way through a 2 week tropical holiday. By March 2007 I was in crisis, with my brain feeling like it was in meltdown and my life falling apart. I didn't realise it at the time but I was falling into fully-blown depression.

- At this time I started taking a more holistic approach to my health. I gave up smoking and haven't lapsed since, even once. I started seeing an osteopath to work on some muscular-skeletal problems that seemed to have developed. I took a month off alchohol and since then when I do drink, I do so less often and less heavily than previously. I did an 8-10 day stint on the Master Cleanse/Lemon Detox, and another about 3 months later, which made me feel quite good while i was on it and for a few weeks after. I also gave up coffee about 8 months ago - previously I'd often have 3-4 espressos a day. Later in the year I started working out again but was cautious to be restrained to avoid overdoing it and burning myself out again. Also, I realised during my anxiety days that I seem to have a mild mix of ADHD & Aspergers symptoms, and ended up going on the Dore program, which I have been on for 12 months and found quite beneficial. I take a variety of nutritional supplements that after months of trial and error, seems to be the right mix.

- I started using NeuroProgrammer2 at the same time, and have used it on and off. I used Theta Sessions and found them great initially, with deep meditative states and visuals, but this wore off after a few weeks. In winter last year when I was often finding myself suffering depression/SAD, I tried the Depression Reduction Session each morning for a few weeks, but it didn't seem to help much. I also tried Waverider's DTZM sessions, and have found them OK but have never had any experience as strong as the Holosync trial, and at the lower frequencies I don't find they do much at all.

Objectively, my life is much better than it was 12 months ago and better than it has been generally in the past 5 years. However, I still usually experience mild depression, and have had a couple of particularly bad (for me) bouts of depression in the past month or two as our winter has started to set in. It's not what you'd call severe depression; I'm never suidical, don't feel a sense of desperation or turmoil, and I can function well enough at work and in social situations to get by OK. But I do lack the happiness, confidence and optimism that I should, and I'm too often in an unfriendly or unmotivated state around my partner, friends and workplace.

Having taken care of the fundamentals like diet, smoking, stimulants, work/life balance and general understanding of my body and behaviour, I feel like I'm ready to tackle my depression head on.

I'd like some suggestions on how NP2 may help me in increasing my serotonin levels and nipping this depression in the bud.

I've considered opting for another round of anti-depressants, as I think now my life is in better shape they may have a more lasting effect than when I took them the first time. I've recently been reminded of the possible benefits of anti-depressants by observing two close friends who developed severe depression, reluctantly opted for medication and enjoyed great results. But I do prefer natural solutions to chemical ones, and I'd prefer to find a more long-term solution - which NP seems to offer - if it really works.

I recall an experience during my time on anti-depressants, when I also a month off drinking and undertook a detox diet. There's a particular morning I remember just on 2 years ago, towards the end of that detox, where I woke up refreshed and relaxed and alive and feeling like my whole body was in harmony in a way that I don't remember feeling before that, and certainly haven't felt since.

I'd like to have that feeling again. Once again, I'm taking a month off drinking, and am on day 2 of another Lemon Detox. I'm also considering trying things like liver cleansing and coffee enemas.

I'd like to know how I can use NP2 to get my serotonin levels and general wellbeing up to where they seemed to be that morning 2 years ago.

Many thanks,

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Posted 02 May 2008 - 04:31 PM

You might try using just plain 14 Hz. Check out this article:

Create a session for yourself, or use the SMR session under brainwave training.

Good luck!

Let us know how it goes

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This is an old, inactive thread. Threads cannot be replied to after a long period of inactivity (usually 60 days since the last post).

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