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Experience new ways that sound can influence your mind, with a new brainwave stimulating audio file every day

This free Android app from Transparent Corp. will let you easily explore the many benefits of brainwave entrainment, and learn about the research and science behind this method.


  • Every day's new experience is set to an original soundtrack- expertly crafted music composed specifically for brainwave stimulation
  • Explore a wide range of brainwave stimulation benefits- relaxation and stress relief, concentration and focus, sleep induction, enhanced meditation, and more!
  • A description and research citation is paired with each session- we won't just tell you that something works, we'll show you why it works
  • Alpha, beta, delta, theta, gamma wave stimulation, and many even more interesting protocols included
  • We tell you how we produced every brainwave experience, and the entire protocol is available for each one

And best of all, this app demonstrates a patented new technology for brainwave stimulation. With this breakthrough method, any music or audio file can be re-engineered to subtly stimulate mental activity. Nothing more is needed, no binaural beats or any other effect.

To download this free app, visit the Google Play store page here, or open the Play Store on your device and search "Brainwave a Day"